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Is there any spiritual component to fuckbook dating

You might be thinking that sexuality and spirituality are miles apart. I really can’t blame you for thinking this way because in the west we have been conditioned by many churches, many spiritual leaders, and definitely many cultural leaders that sex is dirty and bad, while spirituality is the highest expression of human achievement, human longing and awareness.

Well, I’m not really disputing the later assertion, but I am definitely standing up to the former assertion. The whole idea that sex is dirty really defeats spirituality if you think about it. It’s no accident that a lot of spiritual literature ranging from the Song of Solomon in the Christian and Jewish Bible to the Kama Sutra of Hinduism and all points in between draw a line between facts and spirituality.

These two are intertwined because if you’re completely honest about it the biological excitement is really just a gateway to a higher ability to live in the moment. Once you’re able to live in the moment, this opens spiritual gateways because spirituality is the point in ones’ existence where you realize in the most real way possible that you are connected to all sentient beings around you.

This connection is just geographic or physical, or even mental. This connection also cuts through time. You have to remember that people who lived thousands of years ago had the same hopes and dreams as you in terms of ultimate personal fulfillment. Sure, they didn’t have flat screen TVs, BMWs, and sushi restaurants back then, but when you strip down all their motivations, they’re the same as the motivations you have now.

People living thousands of years in the future might laugh at the state of technology we have, but they can definitely relate to our need for ultimate meaning. This is why spirituality is the key to everything that we’re doing and spirituality can actually be teased out of all our activities.

Using a fuck book of sex, believe it or not, can lead to higher levels of spirituality if we are only able to take a hammer to that artificial dividing line between sexuality, physicality, and spirituality. In many eastern traditions, these are intertwined because they all lead to each other, kind of like how a stairway leads from one level to the next level until you reach the top.

The same way, physicality can lead to physical excitement that leads to living in the moment which then opens many doors as far as spirituality is concerned. They are all interrelated and to deny one part of one persons’ human condition and experience is essentially denying that persons’ overall humanity. Do you see how this all works out? Do you see how this can lead to higher degrees of personal awareness and freedom?

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